New Series

While I’ve been busy planning, plotting, and world building for a whole host of various projects in the works, I’ve been focused on one series in particular that I’ll be launching soon! The first story is in the editing/second draft stage right now (I’m a perfectionist at heart, so it’s slow going, but it’ll be worth it), and I wanted to ramble a little on the story and the series itself.

A Sigh in the Shadows, a novella, will start off the The Demoness of Lost Creek series. The series is equal parts YA historical fantasy and paranormal romance set in the quaint, rural town of Lost Creek, Connecticut.

I like having visuals to help me write and get a feel for setting and mood, so in between my research I’ve been watching episodes of Turn: Washington’s Spies. The show takes place around the same area and time period within the American Revolution where I’ve set my fictional town of Lost Creek. And Setauket, NY is pretty close to how I envision it. It’s sort of like a hybrid of Setauket and Concord, MA, located to the north of Danbury where an infamous raid happened in 1777.

I’ve been enjoying the atmosphere of it–dark, a little unsettling, with different paranormal elements at play. At its core, the story is like one of those pieces of American folklore that gets passed down through generations. Like the Jersey Devil, the Lost Colony of Roanoke, or for a fictional example, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. For some reason, at least to me, those eerie paranormal details seem to pair well with the aesthetics of the colonial/Revolutionary War era.

I’ll share more details and teasers as I work on getting it ready for publication. I’m definitely excited to get another historical fantasy out to readers, especially because this particular period in American history doesn’t have a lot of representation within the genre. And now seems like the right time for it given the popularity of Hamilton–which, by the way, I am completely obsessed with.

-Your Obedient Servant,

J. Thomas

(I couldn’t resist.)







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