An Introduction

I figure a simple introductory post would be a good way to start this blog, even though I always find it a little awkward to ramble about myself. I’ll keep it (relatively) short and sweet. If you want to wander over to my About Me page, that’s fine, too.

My name is Jessie, I’m 24, and I live in Buffalo, NY. I’m an avid reader–which is probably a statement all writers make. I watch a lot of TV but still manage to accumulate a running tab of shows I still need to watch. I’m fond of ice cream, Oreos, and spending inordinate amounts of time at Barnes and Noble when I can. There, you’d most likely find me browsing the YA lit shelves or sitting in the middle of the history section looking for the best books on paratroopers or colonial America. I have a cat, which is probably another stereotypical writer factoid just like my love of comfy clothes and shy, reclusive nature.

I like writing for Young Adult and New Adult readers. I’m fairly new at the latter but I do like that it’s steadily emerging as a popular audience for those who want something in between YA and Adult lit. I write genre fiction, so you’ll find anything from paranormal romance, urban fantasy to historical fantasy and possibly a bit of historical fiction/romance. Some of it I’d probably classify as speculative fiction, as a few stories tend to merge a few different genres.

Usually, I’ve written historical fiction pieces about the aforementioned paratroopers, but I’ve found recently that YA and NA lit focused on colonial/Revolutionary America is difficult to come by. So, following the saying that roughly translates to “write something you’d enjoy reading,” I’d love to contribute to this underrepresented time period. I like throwing in paranormal or fantasy twists to my favorite historical eras. I like writing about time travel and figuring out different ways for people from the past to fall in love with people from the present or vice versa.

Right now, I have a few works in progress and a backlog of ideas that seems to grow by the day. After a lot of thought and research, I’ve decided to take the leap into self-publishing–which is both terrifying and exciting. The idea of having control over every aspect of publishing is fantastic and scary. But, I hope it will be a learning experience! I can’t wait to share my writing and reach a (hopefully) wide audience of readers.

I’ll be updating as I make progress along the way, sharing book covers, titles, excerpts, inspiration, and everything in between!


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